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Car Accidents


We treat Auto-Accident Injuries

Were you in an auto-mobile accident recently? Are you experiencing discomfort as a result? Are you unsure how to eliminate the pain? At Pittsburgh Physical Medicine and Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on making recovery from the accident as smooth and easy as possible. That is why we take care of most of the work for you!

First Step:

Call your insurance company to file a claim and be sure to get a claim number. When they ask if you have been injured, tell them ANY discomfort you are feeling. A small bout of soreness, even if you consider it miniscule, is important to mention. Most automobile accident injuries do not manifest themselves until days or weeks after the initial injury.

Second Step:

Call us! 412.219.5041. Let us know that you have been in an accident and would like to schedule an appointment.

Thrid Step:

Show up for your appointment, and we will take care of the rest!

Common Questions:

I feel fine right now. Why should I schedule an appointment?

Most injuries have a delayed response within the body. Have you ever worked out and felt fine that day only to realize that, a couple days later, you were extremely sore? An automobile accident can present itself in the same manner. The pain can sometimes take longer to manifest itself depending on what tissues have been damaged! It is always good to get checked out, regardless of how you feel. Here at PPMC, we are trained in finding dysfunctions and injuries within the body, and we have proper and non-invasive ways to treat it. Don’t fall victim to the “It all started from a car accident a year ago” population. Get evaluated today!

How much will this cost?

Typically, your car insurance carrier will cover your medical bills, depending on your insurance plan. It is state mandated that you carry some form of personal injury with your car insurance. Good news? We will work with your insurance company for you! That way, you just focus on getting better and getting your vehicle fixed.

I’m not sure I will have time for this.

Will you have time for debilitating pain down the road? What about future chronic neck or lower back pain? The good news is at PPMC, we have extended hours unlike most other offices, so we can accommodate hard working individuals, like yourself! We will make time for you at any point in the day, and you always have access to the doctor via phone for any questions that may arise. We work for YOU!

How long will I need to come?

We cannot answer that question without seeing the extent of the injury first. One thing we can tell you is, our motto is to get you out of pain FAST and back to 100% in the shortest time possible. No long-term, drawn out care plans. Once we can get you back to pre-accident condition, we then release you with the tools you need to continue improving! Once the pain is gone, your treatment is complete! Most people choose to return later on for other issues they may be experiencing. The choice is yours!


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